2020-07-04 Journal

July 04, 2020 0:00 | Categories:

Happy 4th of July to my other Americans out there!

It was beautiful (and hot) day today.

I took some shots in the morning and then once the family came out I did a bunch of shooitng with my Ninja V hooked up to test recording.

I'll probably upload some video snippets once I get the originals processed and some small clips pulled out.



FBCD Labor Day Picnic 2017

September 05, 2017 18:56 | Categories:
We had our yearly picnic on Sunday this year instead of Monday.
It seemed to work well. We had a pretty good crowd of people stay around for it.
The weather held out pretty well too. We had one little storm blow through near when we started the games, and then it started raining lightly near the end of the egg toss.
Overall it was a nice day for a picnic!

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